How Demand Signal Management tools can help you prepare for upcoming Holiday Season?

How Demand Signal Management tools can help you prepare for upcoming Holiday Season?

One of the most hectic periods of the year is coming very quickly. Are you sure that this year you will take full advantage of the upcoming sales hype to maximize your earnings? What is the basis of your decisions when planning your trade-marketing activities by individual sales channels? These questions are becoming very important in the busy holiday season, which brings a lot of opportunities for many manufacturers across the FMCG industry.

A holiday season is the busiest time for consumer goods industry leaders who need to take special precautions to ensure an uninterrupted distribution of their goods to retail stores flooded by shoppers. This is becoming extremely difficult with seasonal items which will be produced in limited quantities, and therefore will require proper allocation by sales channels or even individual retail stores.

From another angle, everyone is trying to draw consumer’s attention with additional sales space. To manage it successfully many FMCG companies rely on their sales force’s efforts and skills, trying to increase effectiveness of their field staff. Certainly the most recent SFA technology can help achieve these seasonal goals, especially when it includes such innovations as Retail Activity Optimisation, Perfect Store or Motivation. However it is not yet good enough for FMCG leaders. All in all, they should support their sales managers and sales force with business insights coming from the Demand Signal Management tools. With this approach the entire sales team can see a full picture of their sales to take appropriate actions.

Connector Platform - Holiday Season

Do you want to close a holiday season with success? Start improving your sales and operation planning with Demand Signal Management tools and win the battle for consumers at the holiday shelf or display! Here are a few steps that you need to take. Learn how our tools can help you take them successfully.

  1. Estimate expected demand for your products, based on the respective reference periods from the past. Thanks to the Demand Signal Management solution, you can also take into account the potential of individual stores with the use of the demographic and economic data of your sales territories.
  2. Select appropriate points of sales to supply with seasonal or promotional offers and allocate the right amounts of products. Because your seasonal items have very short sales cycle, make sure the allocated amounts correspond to predicted demand. 
  3. With the use of demand forecast, make sure you minimize the risk of lost sales and influence your supply chain partners to order optimum quantities of your products for the holiday season.
  4. Monitor the stock levels of your supply chain partners to make sure the upcoming demand can be satisfied. Having access to detailed information at product level you are able to confirm whether your deliveries have arrived and your supply chain partners are fully prepared for holiday sales hype. As a consequence, you can guarantee uninterrupted distribution to retail stores, and eliminate out of stocks.
  5. Evaluate your sales results across various distribution channels and sales territories, providing an overview of the achieved results.

Our Demand Signal Management solution – the Connector Platform, supports consumer goods manufacturers in the collecting of sell-out data from supply chain partners. Thanks to its ability to generate important business insights, the solution enables FMCG companies to improve their decision making process and execution of sales and make distribution activities much more efficient .

Grzegorz Walkosz Head of the Implementation Team, Department of Data Integration Solutions

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