Going digital with business partners in sales channels!

Going digital with business partners in sales channels!

Global FMCG leaders need effective methods to analyse and influence their business partners. They also need to recognise the Points of Sales with the highest sales potential to optimise their routes to markets. Finally, they need to automate a number of sales and logistics processes. All this is possible using the Connector Platform – a Demand Signal Management tool, enabling effective data transfer within a distribution network.

Demand Signal Management tool offers a significant business value to FMCG manufacturers whose go-to-market strategy involves an extensive distribution network. This value is even greater when FMCG manufacturers  employ mobile sales force for retail execution activities. This solution can exchange sales related data within your distribution channels and automate the order flow process - including transferring orders placed by your sales force to distributors, as well as orders placed by your commercial business partners, which in effect amounts to digitisation of your business.

Digital information processed with Demand Signal Management tool can help you determine your market position and build the most optimal routes to market. It can also help you determine whether your retail execution activities are performed efficiently and contribute to improved sales results. Last but not least, it supports you in making the key decisions regarding your sales strategy by providing you with a set of reliable reporting tools to evaluate performance of your distribution network and of your sales force.

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Digitise the flow of information in your routes to market. Benefit from it and bring the relationships with your business partners to a new level! Feed your organisation with reliable and factual sales data! See what this solution can offer to help you grow your business. With Demand Signal Management tool you are able to:

  • gain instant access to high quality trade information which guarantees that both the transactional data and reports play a useful and reliable part in the decision making process.
  • improve the efficiency of goods distribution from your factories, through your distributors to retail stores,
  • monitor your distributors’ stocks to ensure stock replenishment just in time,
  • agree the right trade terms with your distributors, based on the factual sell-out to retail stores,
  • measure the ROI related to individual sales force’s activities like installation of POS materials, gaining additional shelf share, offering freebies to individual retail stores,
  • share the data with your SFA solution to suggest to your sales force the right retail execution activities (Retail Activity Optimisation),
  • align bonuses for your sales force with the sell-out results they achieve in their sales territories.

To enable our clients to digitise their businesses we offer a Demand Signal Management tool - the Connector Platform, which supports comprehensive management of data transfer between manufacturers and their business partners such as distributors, wholesalers and retailers. The platform consists of a number of services. It handles all aspects of electronic data exchange and provides manufacturers with crucial business information on sales results in particular distribution channels. We develop it constantly to help manufacturers find answers to the most critical business questions and optimise their preferred routes to markets.

Grzegorz Walkosz Head of the Implementation Team, Department of Data Integration Solutions

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