Demand Signal Management tool for global FMCG leaders

Demand Signal Management tool for global FMCG leaders

Our Demand Signal Management tool - the Connector Platform, processes over 50 million messages a month, including transfer of documents and commercial data.

The platform provides both current data on sales and stock levels in the distribution network. It enables companies to achieve their business objectives through informed and timely decision making. It automates operations and improves the efficiency and quality of activities within the distribution channels by offering new ways of cost optimization, time economies and eliminating errors in relation to traditional or manual data exchange.

Connector  - Asseco Business Solutions - Distributor Integration

Connector Platform consists of a number of services to help FMCG producers gain competitive advantage on the market. The solution provides access to multiple integrated services which actively support the activities of both manufacturers and distributors, and which include EDI, Enterprise, Category, B2B and VMI.

FMCG global leaders need effective methods to analyze the market and to recognize the Points of Sales with the highest sales potential. All this is possible when using our integrative DSM solution - the Connector Platform, enabling the exchange of messages between the consumer goods manufacturer and its trade partners.

Dr. Andreas Enders VP International Sales and Implementations

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