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Connector VMI system (Vendor Managed Inventory) is a Demand Management tool that enables manufacturers to take responsibility for the planning of deliveries to their business partners in order to guarantee stock availability and to maintain the optimum inventory levels. In practice, it helps manufacturers to cope better with demand change factors like promotions or seasonality.

Connector VMI – Demand Management tool to transform your organisation into demand-driven one

Connector VMI is a Demand Management solution which helps manufacturers to ensure an uninterrupted distribution of their goods to retail stores by their business partners. It is designed to optimise stock levels at the business partners’ warehouses by maintaining the optimum product inventory at a minimum cost.

Our VMI system allows the manufacturers to take over the process of order replenishment planning in order to balance the business partners’ inventory at the most optimum level within the range of overstocks and out-of-stocks. By using our VMI system, the manufacturers can help ensure the availability of their products on the shelves of the individual business partners’ outlets, whilst maintaining the optimum cost of maintaining stock levels at the depots of their business partners. This demand management solution is designed to calculate the optimum volume of products based on the distributor’s sell-outs, current warehouse stocks, and predicted demand including demand change factors like promotions, special events or seasonality.



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Connector VMI helps to:

  • deliver the right quantities of the right products, at the right time,
  • eliminate lost revenues caused by out-of-stocks,
  • eliminate returns caused by expired product dates,
  • eliminate unplanned emergency shipments,
  • prepare the production forecast for the near future,
  • reduce the cost of stock keeping at business partners.

Demand forecasting

Our VMI system uses dedicated mathematical models to forecast expected demand. Consequently the optimum product quantities which should be delivered at a given point in time can be determined.

The mechanism for demand forecasting needs to take certain atypical behaviours like seasonal product demand changes or planned promotional activities into account. It allows the users to manage any anticipated events or exceptions at the level of individual products.


Connector VMI - Process order forecasting

Solution configuration

The solution configuration is based on:

  • products – defining of key parameters for the manufacturer’s products,
  • locations - mirroring the business partners’ depot structure,
  • stock categories – configuration of types of stock levels taken into account when planning deliveries ( for example including both stock at depot + stock in transit).

Connector VMI - System configuration

Solution opportunities

  • Data continuity: Our VMI system allows you to verify the integrity and correctness of the data used for delivery forecasting.
  • Order integration: Our VMI system generates suggested replenishment orders for business partners at the level of both central and regional distribution centres. It extracts them in an agreed format to business partners’ ERP
  • Stock transfers: Our VMI system suggests stock transfers to the business partners - e.g. from central to regional depots of the distributor

 Connector VMI - Process order forecasting

Benefits of implementing Connector VMI:

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Reduced cost of stock keeping by optimising product quantities needed in the nearest future.


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Improved sales results thanks to elimination of out-of-stocks.


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Improved collaboration with business partners.

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Optimum inventory levels at business partners’ warehouses.



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