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Connector Enterprise is a Demand Signal Repository (DSR) tool which aims to answer the most crucial business questions related to your sales results. It provides clear information on the performance of various distribution channels and product groups. In the long run it helps to gain visibility of demand and sales changes and allows you to optimise your routes to market.

Demand Signal Repository (DSR) tool streamlining multiple sources of sales data

Connector Enterprise provides manufacturers with reliable sales figures reported by their business partners like wholesalers and retailers. It is a comprehensive Demand Signal Repository (DSR) tool designed to transform and cleanse demand data collected from multiple distribution channels.

Demand Signal Repository (DSR) is capable of improving your sales processes by providing factual and reliable data regarding various data streams like distributor sell-out to retail stores, retailer point-of-sales check-out data, category data,  warehouse stocks and much more.

With a set of reliable analytical tools, the solution provides you with relevant business insights. It supports your decision making process with daily data updates regarding the sales strategies of the whole organization.


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Connector  - Enterprise - Answer questions

Connector Enterprise helps to answer questions like:


  • Am I selling through the best stores?
  • Is my sales force covering the right stores?
  • Am I reaching the right stores with the right products?
  • Can my business partner ensure the continuity of my product delivery to the stores?
  • How much do I lose out due to out-of-stock products?
  • Are the trade terms I agreed with my business partners justified?
  • How well do my investments with the retailers pay off?
  • What does my product distribution look like?
  • Am I taking the full advantage of the demographic potential of all my territories?

Advanced reporting

Our Demand Signal Repository (DSR) tool, Connector Enterprise offers multiple ways to review information related to your distribution channels:


  • dedicated dashboards for decision makers,
  • drill down options for sales analysts,
  • automatic report dispatch triggered by specific business conditions.

Any type of reporting can be tailored to the needs of individual clients, or even individual user roles within a given sales team.

Connector Enterprise - Monitoring and reporting

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Benefits of implementing of Connector Enterprise:

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Settlements with business partners based on sell-out and stock level figures.

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Reduced risk of lost sales due to products being out-of-stock.

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Improvement to multiple KPIs such as sell-out by point of sales, numeric distribution, inventory levels at business partners, etc.

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Immediate reaction to any negative trends such as out-of-stocks.


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Improved execution of sales plans.

 Connector  - Enterprise - Benefits_6

Redefinition of routes to markets.


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Łukasz Potrzyszcz

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Andreas Enders

VP International Sales & Implementations

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