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Connector EDI is an universal integration and communication solution designed for industry sectors where frequent and high volume information exchange is essential for business continuity. Our EDI services comprehensively manage the electronic exchange of all types of documents irrespective of their type and format.

Connector EDI Services - electronic data interchange and data cleansing

Connector EDI is designed to handle all aspects of electronic data interchange, including secure message transmission and routing, format conversion, data cleansing and enrichment as well as management and control of the entire process.

Connector EDI services make it possible to send messages between the solutions of distributors and manufacturers, converting message formats and mapping the product and customer codes between these systems, including automatic conversion of units of measure and recalculation of quantities and prices. Connector EDI services are equipped with mechanisms to facilitate data integration, data cleansing, including advanced data validation and deduplication. The solution also performs data classification and archiving.


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Connector EDI is a foundation of Connector Platform.


Our EDI services are intended for document transfer in various protocols, performing conversion to other file formats and data translation into a form readable by the destination solution.

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Connector EDI services allow you to:


  • replace the manual data exchange (e.g. e-mails),
  • detect automatically the errors in the exchanged files,
  • save time needed for manual mapping of articles codes or customers codes,
  • save time needed for manual processing of message content (e.g. data cleansing),
  • ensure that messages were successfully delivered.



Data management and exchange

Data management and exchange includes:

  • data exchange based on multiple communication protocols,
  • conversion of documents into different formats (such as EDIFACT, SAP IDOC, XML and many more),
  • data conversion into form recognisable by the target system,
  • management and monitoring of all the above processes.

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Processing messages

Connector EDI services can perform a number of operations on the messages that are exchanged between various systems:

  • message organisation : filtering, splitting, aggregation advanced content processing like data cleansing and enrichment,
  • on-the-fly calculations and application of miscellaneous business rules.

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Methods of transport

Connector EDI services support different methods of data transport, such as:

  • commonly used protocols like AS2, HTTP, FTP, SSH, SQL, e-mail, etc.,
  • Connector Client - drop-in solution for a seamless integration with the Connector Platform,
  • static and content based routing.

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Error handling

Connector EDI services perform automatic alerts on faults and errors.

The solution allows the user to review the status of messages at every stage of the data exchange and processing. It also provides reports and statistics on the information exchange process.

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Connector EDI meets requirements of the most demanding security policies.

Data security has always been a key factor for our clients. For this reason, we host the Connector Platform in the Asseco Cloud. Our data centres are built in compliance with the most demanding international security policies and we guarantee competitive Service Level Agreements (SLA). We implement multiple levels of encryption to secure our data transmissions and data storage.

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Benefits of Connector EDI implementation:

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Increased percentage of messages correctly processed (no human errors related to manual identification of products or customers).

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Time and cost reduction thanks to document processing automation between business partners (paperless document transfer, automatic mapping of indexes).


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Ability to obtain insight into critical data faster, thanks to real-time processing of messages.

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Full control over message flows and statuses.

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