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Connector Category is a unique service within our Demand Signal Repository tool and processes market share results achieved within certain product categories. It provides you with your market position in comparison to your competitors selling in the same categories.

Connector Category – insight into the strength of your own categories

Connector Category provides manufacturers with reliable information on their sales shares in categories consisting of their own as well as the competitors’ products. It is designed to evaluate the manufacturers’ position and potential in the specified product categories.


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Connector Category helps to answer questions like:


  • What is my market position compared to my competition?
  • In which stores can I still improve my sales results?
  • Where are the distribution gaps and the greatest growth potential for my brands?
  • What is the reach and quality of my business partners’ efforts by specific categories (numeric distribution vs weighted distribution)?
  • How important are my products to a particular distributor?
  • What sales channels are being used by the consumers to purchase products in a given category?
  • How does my market share change over time?
  • Am I successfully growing?

Product categories

Categories are defined in the solution as groups of selected products, included in the manufacturer’s own and competitors’ portfolios.

A specific category is defined based on the lists of all the products a given business partner works with. 

The manufacturer’s operator uses a simple and intuitive web app to include products which should be a part of a specific category.

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Data analysis

The data analysis available at different levels of data aggregation allows the user to determine their market position in selected distribution channels or even at the level of the individual retail stores.

Trend analysis over time helps you to find out whether your efforts translate into the expected sales results. 

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Benefits of implementing Connector Category:

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Ability to select retail points with the greatest sales potential for specific products.

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Ability to determine the distribution channels chosen by consumers to purchase products from a given category.


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Opening of new distribution channels - in locations where a given product category sells but doesn’t yet include the sales of your products.


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Relative position in comparison to the competition allows you to check whether you are growing quicker that the other manufacturers in the same category.


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