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Connector B2B is a B2B e-Commerce class solution and supports the management of processes between commercial partners in the same supply chain. The solution provides a broad supplier-partner integration in multiple areas, e.g. orders, order statuses, delivery notes, complaints, and invoices.

B2B e-Commerce: improved collaboration with business partners

Connector B2B supports the management of sell-in to business partners. It is designed to allow the business partners to place orders following specific logistical criteria and to improve the cooperation between these parties.

Our B2B e-Commerce solution supports the process of sell-in to your business partners. The solution supports a wide ranging integration with your partners across areas such as sales orders, order statuses, delivery notes, complaints, invoices, etc. The key feature of Connector B2B is the processing of sales orders placed by the business partners from your supply chain. This includes orders placed via the web portal, integrated through EDI channels, or processed by traditional means like fax, PDF or xls files. Thanks to a dedicated logistics algorithm, the solution supports the logistics process optimisation from the moment your business partner begins placing an order, allowing for the optimum use of delivery resources and cutting down on the cost of shipping.  Another set of features makes Connector B2B a very effective communication channel between the manufacturer and its business partners, which helps improve mutual relationships and business growth. This approach gives the business partners access to all the key information relevant to their business activities. All in one place.


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Connector B2B helps to: 

  • eliminate manual order intake,
  • reduce the time needed for order processing,
  • improve the ordering discipline through business and logistic controls,
  • improve the truck capacity utilisation,
  • reduce the number of shipments between the plants/warehouses,
  • improve the customer service quality.

Order collection

Our B2B e-Commerce solution allows you to apply a set of business controls and optimisation algorithms to make sure that the orders placed by your business partners meet all necessary business and logistic criteria.

The web application makes it possible to validate placed orders, including factors like logistic minimum, expected delivery date, available quota of products. It displays all necessary product information, taking into account factors specific to each individual client, such as the pricing structure, rebates, individual units, specific promotions and discounts, order history and the status of orders placed. Order placement is also the stage when logistic optimisation begins. Products can be grouped by trucks which should be delivered from individual warehouses in the most cost efficient way.


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Ability to process orders from external sources

Connector B2B supports multiple modes of order placement.

Our B2B e-Commerce solution makes it possible to process orders placed via different channels. An order can be created in the business partner’s system first and then imported into the Connector B2B via EDI channel, or it can be imported directly from a PDF or an xls file attached to an email or fax. 

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A dedicated reporting engine allows both manufacturers and their business partners to make use of a catalogue of reports based on their specific business requirements.

The reported data can be presented online in a format attractive to the recipient or can be downloaded in a preferred format - such as xls.

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Information flow

Connector B2B makes it possible for your supply chain partners to review order status and delivery information online.

This gives them the ability to monitor all current transactions. Additionally they can collect invoices for placed orders, and see which transactions have already been settled.


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Our B2B e-Commerce solution opportunities

  • Ability to suggest the optimum quantities of products that could be ordered by individual business partners when combining Connector B2B with Connector VMI.
  • Ability to register the moment of delivery timely including transaction details when integrating Connector B2B with Asseco DSD.
  • Possibility to adjust the end user interface to the manufacturer’s own business requirements and branding.
  • Ready-to-use marketing modules which can generate widgets easily, making it easy to present offers or other related information in a more attractive way.
  • Ability to adjust the order placement process or the offer presentation settings to individual distribution channels. It is possible to perform both B2B and B2C operations in a single application for different types of business partners.


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Benefits of implementing Connector B2B

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Reduction of time needed to process orders placed by business partners.

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Reduction of logistic costs related to shipments between warehouses.


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Improved delivery resources utilisation thanks to the application of logistic optimisation algorithms.

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Customer service improvement due to more timely responses and transparent communication.


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