We know that an effective set up and support service is absolutely essential for our Connector Platform customers. Thus the users of our data integration platform can always count on our specialists when working with our solutions.

Set up and support services

Asseco Business Solutions   - Łukasz Potrzyszcz

Our Connector Platform specialists support you throughout every step of the implementation process as well as in the post-go-live stage.

Łukasz Potrzyszcz Director International Implementation Department

We offer dedicated support processes for global manufacturers.

Building on our extensive experience, we developed dedicated support processes, tailor made for a DIS solution. This includes the ability to support different business partner end-point capabilities, customisation to the client's internal procedures (requested workflows, integration with internal ticketing systems, etc.), as well as monitoring of the SLA terms and conditions.

We are able to offer our clients a range of services which guarantee the best quality in terms of solution delivery (Project Management, Consulting, Blue Printing, Training, User Acceptance Test support, Post go-live hyper care services) and ongoing solution support (Help Desk support, cloud services, application support and customization and the on-going management of data quality, e.g. index mapping).

Set up and support services

Data quality services

Asseco Business Solutions   - Andrzej Ochera

The Connector Platform is designed specifically to transfer, process and perform an in-depth analysis of the collected data. The highest quality of this data is vital to ensure that our clients make the right business decisions.

Andrzej Ochera Head of Reporting Solution Development Team

We are dedicated to ensure and constantly improve the quality of the transferred and processed data.

Our unique and own solution - Data Services - is used to constantly improve the quality of the data. It includes automatic standardisation of the retail stores details, detection of chain retail points as well as removal of duplicated entries. A system of alerts and notifications helps to ensure the integrity and reliability of the data, notifying the user about any existing factors which may influence the business value of the completed analysis.

Data quality services

Global cloud services

Asseco Business Solutions   - Robert Brytan

Connector Platform is offered in a SaaS ( Software as a Service) model. The service includes: the delivery of the solution in the cloud, support management of external systems, data correctness monitoring and troubleshooting.

Robert Brytan Head of Data Processing Centre

We offer cloud based solutions. Processing in the cloud provides our customers with the optimum use of resources.

Our clients do not need to worry about the volumes of data needed to execute their business processes. Instead, they can simply focus on their preferred method of acquiring the data from their business partners. Our role is processing the data within Connector Platform and making it available to our clients in their preferred format.

Global cloud services

Platform Development

Asseco Business Solutions   - Piotr Czerwiński

A rich functionality of the Connector Platform is constantly adapted to the ever changing needs of the market. Individual solutions are continually expanded with the new services based on the ideas of our employees, clients and prospects.

Piotr Czerwiński Connector Platform Product Manager

Our dedicated staff, working across several departments ( design, production, support and data services) oversee further technological, business and analytical development of the system’s capabilities.

Apart from the ongoing technological development of our solution, we aim to offer our clients more innovative and advanced business solutions. These developments are a result of our understanding of our clients’ needs, the changing dynamic of their organisations work styles and market trends which we aspire to anticipate and create, rather than just passively respond to.

Platform Development

Our Customers

Our mobile platforms have been used for almost 20 years by many FMCG leaders in multiple countries. They include both multinational and local organizations operating in diverse sectors such as food, beverages, cosmetics, healthcare, near food, non-food, pharmaceuticals and others.

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