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During the web events we present our innovative it tools for consumer goods industry, available on the Connector Platform. We also answer the questions important for all sales managers: how to make sure that your products are in the best stores and they are constantly available!

Grow your FMCG business with Demand Signal Management tools!

When you are able to gather, cleanse and normalize sales data coming from your business partners like retailers, distributors and wholesalers you can gain important business insights and leverage your sales results. But how to do it successfully? Join our webinar and learn how to react to demand changes to fully exploit available distribution channels. Meet innovative Demand Signal Management tools and reach a new level of your sales!

Demand Signal Management by Asseco

Methodology for successful Demand Signal Repository

During our webinar we will discuss the key conditions to succeed in processing downstream data related to your supply chains. We will also answer the questions:

  • How to enable harmonization and normalization of distinct data feeds?
  • How to support data integration from multiple sources?
  • How to embark your business partners in the supply chains?

Why Demand Signal Management?

During our webinar we will present you the key reasons why FMCG companies should make Demand Signal Management a part of their sales and logistics strategy. We will also answer the questions:

  • Which analytical models can really develop your data insights?
  • How to translate the demand signals into data insights as efficiently as never before?
  • What tools should be used to react to changes in demand?

Idea of the Connector Platform by Asseco

Our Demand Signal Management solution – the Connector Platform, helps FMCG manufacturers to bring cooperation with their business partners to a new level and execute sales strategies in a more efficient way. It is an additional layer to enable consumer goods companies to get more from their retail execution efforts. Connector Platform consists of a number of services to help consumer goods companies gain competitive advantage. These include EDI, Enterprise, Category, VMI and B2B.


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