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During the web events we present our innovative it tools for consumer goods industry, available on the Connector Platform. We also answer the questions important for all sales managers: how to make sure that your products are in the best stores and they are constantly available!

Upcoming live webinar – May 24th 2016

Demand Signal Management tool for FMCG: how to enable effective data transfer between manufacturers and their business partners

In this webinar we will present you the most effective methods to analyse and influence your business partners. We will show how to build the most optimal routes to markets and how to bring your relations with business partners to a new level.

Why to use a Demand Signal Management tool?

A Demand Signal Management solution will help you to determine your market position. It will support you in making key decisions regarding your sales strategy. It will also provide you with a set of reliable analysis to evaluate your business partners and sales force. It will help you to determine whether your retail execution activities are performed efficiently and contribute to improved sales results. It will also help you to improve the distribution from your factories to your business partners.

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Demand Signal Management tool will help you to find the answers for such questions as:

  • Am I selling through the best stores?
  • Is my sales force covering the right stores?
  • Am I reaching the right stores with the right products?
  • How much do I lose due to products being out of stock?
  • What is my market position compared to my competition?
  • How can I support the ordering process by my business partners more efficiently?

The idea behind Connector by Asseco

Connector is a Demand Signal Management tool designed to support comprehensive management of business data transfer between manufacturers and their business partners (e.g. distributors, wholesalers and retailers). The system delivers information about sell-out and stocks. It also contains a number of innovative solutions to help FMCG manufacturers to gain competitive advantage on the market, e.g. Category, VMI and B2B.

Connector  - Asseco Business Solutions  - event  - Data Integration Solution

Connector Platform: tangible benefits will drive your success!

Tangible benefits to drive your sales figures:

  • 7 to 12 % - improvement to the sales results in stores covered by the manufacturer’s sales force
  • 5 to 10 % - overall distribution increase
  • 3 to 6 % - average increase to the commercial partner’s sales
  • 5 to 7 % - improvement to transfer orders completion rates

Tangible benefits to drive your operational metrics:

  • 5 to 10 FTE – staff reduction for order intake from business partners
  • Up to 30 % - reduction of returns
  • 5 to 8 % - increase of truck utilization for deliveries to business partners
  • Up to 20 % - reduction of costs related to shipments between production sites


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